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(1) I've not been talking today I've been telling mostly lies - And…

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I've not been talking today
I've been telling mostly lies -
And my Mother said "If you have
nothing good to say, then don't
say it at all." So I didn't say
a word today - I've been telling
motly lies.


I wondered if I'd ever
but you said I would
and I didn't question it -
It was more than my life
was worth. And you told
me that I could and for
the first time I believed.
No fancy words in cellophane
or cotton candy lies, nothing
but the pitter patter of hearts
beating in unison. And when
I wondered if I could all
you did was, held my hand
and said that I would.


I sharpened up your eyes
a little,
Adjusted your crooked smile
a lot
and stood back and cried.
Your lips were a
little more curved I think
and I really fucked up.
Worst thing was, I knew it.
You hadn't got it, really -
when I looked harder -
so I blurred your eyes
a lot,
and smeared your smile
a little
more than I should have.
And now it's really
Because symphonies have
endings and carnivals
love is love in
beggers and in poachers.
"You ripped off Dyer"
That was the point.
The point you missed
when I stapled you to
my heart, to my heart,
and you tore it out.


Keep your words and your 50p.
Shove them in your pocket with
the lint I put there in Autumn,

And tell me when they fall
through the hole in the bottom
right hand corner and hit the tarmac.

When the boingyboing rings in your ear
turn around and smile in the direction
you thought I'd gone.

Now you see the trouble with winter,
is that it doesn't plan for heartbreak.
People just think that it does.


Forget me not. Isn't that what they say?
I've never understood it to be honest,
to be really goddamn honest.

Now you'll want to know why it is
and you might think my soul is black -
In fact you might be right, it sure
as hell aint white - You may even
jump the gun and tell me that I've
lost Arcady. But Arcady was the
glitter in her eye and the way
her eyebrows looked when she wore
satin dresses; Arcady died with her
smile. Bite your lip Tim and make
X's of your eyes.

Remember. Forget me not.
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