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Purple · Scripts

I think my hand fits yours quite well. I think your heart fits mine.…

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I think my hand fits yours
quite well.
I think your heart fits mine.
Quite disturbing really
how I can't seem to breathe
without you.
I heard a song that was about you
and all the chords they reminded
me of you
and Wilde said honey, my biography
is for you
and we laughed at his stupidity.

You broke every bone in my body
shattered like a glass
and Wilde said honey there
aint no sun without you
and I cried at his audacity.

Round the back of the schoolyard
over the burnt out hills
under the cock strung blues
and into the melody.

* * *
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On January 14th, 2006 03:04 am (UTC), chasingwords commented:
I have five fingers
and you five toes
how many more we shall aquire
only stephen knows.
You put your feet on mine
and we'll swing around the bend
and heaven knows we're chancers
waiting for a dollar two to send.
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On January 14th, 2006 03:14 am (UTC), lah_de_dah replied:
The way I see our child walk,
He trips over his own shoelaces.
He is too tall in the legs, too short in the nose,
Too touched in the head to be of any use.
Oh, but he knows
We cherish him, my love.
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